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Guarding Yourself Against Ticks

You want to guard yourself against anything that is harmful to you and your family.  One of the most dangerous predators out there today are ticks.  Ticks will cause disease and chaos in your life if you find them on your body and if they bite you.  To help protect you consider tick control grove city.

Create a barrier

The first line of defense will be a barrier between your yard and the woods.  Depending on where you live you may or may not be near a wooded area.  If you are then you will want to consider creating a barrier between you and the woods.  You can do this by creating a three-foot barrier of rocks or wood chips between you r home and the woods. 

Keep your yard clean

You want to keep your yard clean.  You want to mow your grass as well as keep any standing water or dam wood away from your home.  These are all breeding grounds for ticks.  Remove them then remove the tick problem.

tick control grove city

Repellants and pesticides

You want to use insect repellants when outside.  These will create a foul odor that ticks, and other insects will avoid.  You will also want to have your areas sprayed with a pesticide that will kill off their homes.  With this combination of treatments, you are increasing your odds at avoiding ticks.

Check yourself

You want to check yourself, kids and pets.  You want to start with the hairline.  This is where ticks will start their journey, in your hair. From there you want to check in and around the ears.  Once these are inspected you want to look at the back of the neck. 

Two places that you want to really look are under the armpits where you will have lots of hair as well as in your belly button the one place most of us would never consider even looking.  From here look everywhere else, behind the knees, between toes and more.  If you do a full body search you will be more confident that you don’t have ticks and confident that you found them all.