Month: March 2020

How Basketball Camps Can Get You Noticed By Recruiters

basketball camps

Many of the students who play basketball for their high school dream of going on to play for a college through a scholarship. Many student athletes spend their summers wondering how they can get noticed by a college basketball recruiter so that they can get a jump start on fulfilling this dream. Did you know that summer basketball camps can actually be a great way to help you get the exposure you’re looking for?

Many of these camp experiences, known by many as “exposure camps”, are put on by universities seeking new talent or set up by other organizations and then attended by coaches looking for prospects.

How Can You Find the Best Camps For Exposure?

If you’re ready to start impressing coaches with your skills on the court, then you’ll want to know how to find the best possible basketball camp so you can get the exposure you need. Keep these things in mind when looking for camps to attend to show off your basketball skills.

·    It’s always a good idea to check out more than one camp

During the summer, you may want to think about attending more than one basketball camp. Identifying universities that are putting on basketball camps and attending several will drastically bring up your chance to get recruited.

·    You can get a sort of test drive of the college’s sports program

When attending basketball camps put on by universities, you will have a chance to “feel out” their program, interact with the coaches, and check out the university itself.

·    Show off your love for the game, as well as your character

Coaches want to make sure you’re going to be a great fit for the entire team, not just be the star. When attending these camps, make sure you play to the best of your ability, but also show your kindness and team spirit. Having great character will go a long way when meeting coaches.

Ready to show off your skills and hopefully get recruited for the next phase of your life? Attending a basketball camp put on by a university may be a great way to help you get recruited and help set you up for success with a scholarship.